Monday, November 4, 2013

Paper progress

There is progress in the paperwork department!

Last week we accomplished two big things:

1) We mailed our I600A application to USCIS

2) We sent our first packet to Richmond to have it apostilled, got it back, and sent it off to a family traveling to Tavin's country to carry it over for us.

I took these two things, along with a background check I needed to mail, to the post office, then about had a heart attack that I mixed up the paperwork, or sent something wrong, or included the money order stub instead of the actual check, or put the wrong check in the wrong envelopes. In reality it was all fine! Phew! I guess the lady at the post office could tell I was nervous, because when it was all sealed she said "now you can breathe!" And I thought I was keeping all cool and collected. Apparently not so much.

We meet with our social worker next week for our 3 in home visits, so we are working on completing the online courses we are required to take before we meet.

There are still a lot to do, but we are checking things off and making progress! Please pray that everything will go smoothly and we will be ready to submit the rest of the dossier soon!


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