Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So here's the thing. I am always a little behind in this whole blogging thing. I think it doesn't really bother me that much either, so the fact that I am just now posting about Christmas...well, sometimes thats just how it is! So be warned....this is a long one, and mostly for myself just to keep the memories in one place!

I made this advent calender to open each day with the boys using an old board, clothespins, a little paint, fabric, and stencils. It has a scripture to read each day, and hershey kisses. Lets be honest, I think at this age they mostly loved the kisses, although Tucker had some insightful questions that led to some good, short discussions.

Actually I'm getting ahead of myself. Steve's parents came to visit early Dec, and it was so great to have them here! Also so great to not be the ones traveling. Haha. We really enjoyed the visit, and his mom brought these adorable gingerbread sleighs to decorate. Maddox of course only cared about eating as much of the candy as he could get his hands on.

Yes, this is Tucker's "say cheese" face

Maddox's "say cheese" face.

Love his parents.
Now just so you know, there are plenty of moments like this (could they BE any cuter):
Promptly followed by this:
Oh yes. Plenty of drama.

Then there was the Lynchburg Christmas Parade. I have to say, we went a few years ago and it was really fun. This time it was lame-o!! lots of vehicles with business sign on the side and most of them not decorated. At all. Come on folks, at least throw some light on there! Thankfully Tucker didn't mind, and there were enough firetrucks to keep Maddox entertained.

He loves his uncle Ian!
Decorating the tree was fun, except for the part where Maddox wanted to throw the balls on the floor. for about a week afterwards. He LOVED the tree!

Decorating sure can wear a fellow out!

A little birthday celebration for Daddy:

Reese's peanut butter cupcakes-delish!
There were fun times at grandpa and grandma's house (aren't they the cutest?):
Then we all got the flu. The weekend before Christmas. Thankfully we were over the fever stage by Christmas day, although I think we all look better in the pictures than we felt! But we still had a really wonderful day celebrating Jesus birthday. It was extra special this year since Tucker was old enough to "get it".

Blue Dinoco Lightning was Tucker's favorite gift!

Maddox has loved Charlie brown movies, so Snoopy was a big hit

We had a wonderful Christmas. I am so thankful for this time together to remember the birth of Christ and celebrate it with the boys. It was a really special time!