Adoption Expense Breakdown

Up front fees (marked items are what we have already completed):

$1000 Promise Trust

$500 Up front facilitation fee

$45 International Wiring Fee (for sending facilitation fee) 

$300 Home Study Application Fee

$1900 Home Study Fee

$250 Approx cost of required adoption classes

$14 Dept of Social Services Clearance

$100 Background Check for Home Study
$250 Reece's Rainbow Voice of Hope Fund

 $25 Reece's Rainbow Application Fee

$890 USCIS Fees

$9.50 Marriage Certificates

$30 State Police Clearance

$200 Various Postage

$450 Apostille Fees

Estimate of Total Up Front Fees Stateside: $6000

Below are the estimated fees when we are in our son's country:

$2500 Airfare for 2 Adults to Eastern Europe

$1500 Fee To Waive 10 Day Wait

$9000 Adoption Fees

$500 Travel in Country

$220 Child's Medical Appt for Visa

$230 Child's Visa Application

$500 Child's Passport and Expedition Fees

$3500 Living in Europe for 5 weeks

$800 Airline Ticket for Adopted Child

$250 Travel Items

$1000 Emergency Fund

Estimated Costs In Destination Country: $20,000

And this all adds up to.....Estimated total expenses: $26,000

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