Friday, May 25, 2012

a step up

So I was given this little stool....

 I'm sure at one time the cross stitch was "in", but I'm not sure what time that was. I had some fabric left over from my headboard so after a 5 minute makeover I had this:
 So much better right? I love that fabric. I also love the shape of the little legs. Then Tucker wanted his picture taken on it and really, how could I resist that sweet face?
 On the bottom of the stool it had this very old tag that was kinda cool.
Maddox's world has been rocked by this little stool. Now he can look out the window by himself, use it as a seat...

reach the light switch...

and the sink...

 Best 5 minute makeover! We also had a super ghetto, super fun wienie roast last night. I remember doing this as a kid. Its so fun to pass on those memories!

 Eating gummy worms together...
Love summer time!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

look what arrived...

Last night this fabric arrived at my house. Here is a clue what it is for:


A few months ago I made this for my bedroom

A friend saw it and asked if I would be interested in making one for her. Heck yeah! She is trusting to be my first client. Hers will be more like this:


But first the fabric will go to my the sweet, talented, beautiful Steph of Mon Tresors. She is super talented with the sewing machine and actually enjoys, not so much! She also has an Etsy shop with beautiful things for your baby. Maddox has one of her blankets, and he adores it. Heaven forbid its in the laundry at naptime! She is going to work some magic to make the headboard fabric wider.

Can't wait to get started!