Sunday, May 6, 2012

all boy

Does it ever strike you funny when people say of your son "he's all boy!" Well I sure hope so...  I'd hate for him to be part girl.

Last week my brother in law came to visit with his son Simeon, who is a year older than Tucker. They were for sure all boy..not that I was looking for reassurance. To say they had fun would be a gross understatement. They were non stop wide open rip roarin' all day long till they reluctantly crashed into bed. There were lots of grunts, noises, farting, superheros, chaos and tons of laughter! I loved it. My brother in law also has a sweet camera and captured some fun pics. It was nice to be in a few of them since I am usually behind the camera. 

Here are a few of my favorites!

Seriously how cute are they?

Bouncy house at the Chocolate Festival...for about 5 min till it got rained out.

Bubbles at the park

Our sweet very fat beagle Jazzy soakin' up the sun

Everything was a gun. All week. Lots of cops and robbers, superheros, and star wars play this one. Might be my favorite.
Climbing a tree...or trying their hardest
We had tons of these butterflies in our holly tree, and on the shed beside it
Man I love these two guys
Maddox adores slides, he laughs the whole way down

Model pose

 After Simeon left Tucker said "Mommy, I wanted Simeon to stay and play because I love Simeon!" Fun times!


  1. WOW, these pics are great!!! I loooove the one of Tucker with the phone... when he's a teenager, I bet you can get a matching pic! Haha Seriously, way to go Tim - you captured these moments beautifully!