Tuesday, October 16, 2012

fall mantel

So its time to stop ignoring that it's no longer summer, and admit that it's actually fall. Last weekend we went to a pumpkin patch, which helped me make the mental switch. Its not that I don't like fall, I actually really do, but I really don't love winter. Except for Christmas. If I could have Christmas without winter I don't think I would complain. But enough of all that. I decided to switch up the mantel for fall. Now until we bought this house I never had a mantel to decorate. I have to say I love it!

So I gathered up anything fall/rustic/oldish looking from the house and the basement, took down the enormous mirror that weighs almost as much as I do that was hanging there, and came up with this... (please forgive the terrible photo quality)

I made this wreath last year, and it has moved a couple times, but it works for fall so its back on the mantel.

I have been eyeing this board thing in our basement for a long time. There was all kinds of junk left when we moved in, junk like a super cute desk that is in the foyer, several end tables that are now painted and living in our living room. Cool junk. Anyway, chalk writing makes anything cute, right? Even if your handwriting is less than beautiful.

This book had to be included of course, with Thanksgiving and Pilgrims and all that. Its a great read too. Do you think the skull attached to the antlers is a little creepy? I haven't decided but Tucker loves it, so why not.

So thats what I have up there for now. I have no doubt it will change, (maybe as soon as tomorrow) but for today I'm loving it! What have you done lately to put yourself in a fall mood?