Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy one month home!

Today marks one month home for Tavin!

Here's a snapshot of our day. Tucker had lost a tooth yesterday. This morning he declared he didn't want the $1 I left, he wanted $20. Keep wishing buddy!

That's a scary smile!

Discovered that Tavin takes bites off bread and although he spits it out, he continues biting off more. Baby steps-I'll take it!

Tucker "mommy can I put Maddox down for a nap? I will read him a book, rock him, lay down with him and get him to sleep." Um ok. The house was quiet as he did just that...well except for actually getting him to go to sleep...that never happened. Overheard him tell Maddox "Maddox, tell me when you're asleep but keep your eyes closed."

Shoe laces were used as snakes in a game of chase-each-other-with-a-deadly-snake this morning. 

Tavin decided today he could again feed himself, and would eat without screaming, provided we were all eating at the same time and I set down his food with an air of nonchalance and walk away as if I could care less if he actually ate it. Praising the Lord after lots of feeding issues yesterday-my sanity may stay in tact after all. So nice to see that happy face during meal time!

 Happy one month home Tavin! 

In the last month we have discovered how you love to be outside, blow on any flower (or weed) as if it's a dandelion, found you are super ticklish, love to be in water, you've come to love drinking milk, feed yourself, are mastering drinking out of a cup, adore any and all animals. You are understanding more and more (English) words, especially "outside", "kiss", "monkey" (to which you make the best monkey sounds), love to look at any books with real pictures, or textures. In the orphanage when you laughed we couldn't tell if you were laughing or crying because it was only a sound in your throat-now when you laugh your whole face lights up, and the smile reaches your eyes and entire face. There is a relaxed expression around your eyes that wasn't there before. You have stolen our hearts. We love you so. 

Blowing on a flower. 

Stopping for a snack on yesterday's walk. 

Brother kisses

Mother's Day

Oh we also said bye bye to the orphanage hair. 
And hello to Mr. handsome hair
Non spiked:
And faux-hawk:

Um yes he's adorable. It feels like he's been here forever, at the same time that I can't believe it's already been a month. One month into forever!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

3 weeks home!

Today marks 3 weeks home for Tavin, and 7 months to the day since we committed to him through Reece's Rainbow and started the adoption process. It's just crazy still to think how fast it's been, although it certainly didn't feel fast when we were eyeballs deep in paperwork for what felt like forever. But here we are with him home...supposedly napping. Pretty sure he's actually just chilling and not actually sleeping. 

The last weeks have had their ups and downs...mostly realizing he's having low glucose issues, and needing to eat every two hours, at the same time that he's become quite picky and doesn't want to eat, then turns into a sad little boy who need to eat but doesn't want to. The last few days have been better though, and he has been so much happier after he eats. Poor little guy. I'm so glad he has a mommy and daddy now that can work through this with him. We see an adoption clinic next week, and hopefully will get to the bottom of why he's having trouble with his glucose. For now though we can keep it up with small, frequent long as he actually eats them.

I think we've kicked jet lag. If you've ever had to, you will rejoice with us about that!

Several sweet moments recently....the other day we were out for a while and Maddox skinned his elbow just before we headed home. It was skinned pretty bad, and he cried the whole way home, hugging his special blanket. When we came inside, I set Tavin down on the floor for a minute to get his food ready which prompted a meltdown, with his cheek pressed to the floor. Maddox, still crying and hugging his blanket, knelt down beside Tavin, and gently lifted his head and tucked his blanket under his cheek, then knelt beside him holding onto the other part while they both cried. He loves Tavin so much and tells me every day. It's so sweet. Maddox started giving him high fives last week and Saturday Tavin initiated a high five to Maddox. Adorable. Maddox checks on him first thing every morning to see if he's awake. And he usually is. They are both early risers. Hang on, I need to reheat my coffee....

Ok, I'm back .I really did need to reheat my coffee...I should get a caffeine drip or something. Another time, after a visit the the pediatrician which left me feeling frazzled and Tavin not so happy, I looked back at the boys in their carseats on the ride home to see Tavin holding Tucker's hand. Warm fuzzies right there. Pretty sure I was not actually driving when I took this picture.

On another note, Tucker informed me the other day that the way he slept in till 8:00 is that he closes his eyes now when he sleeps. He closes his eyes every night at midnight when he sleeps, but not right away when he lays down. "Maybe when I'm 7 and it's Christmas I will learn to close my eyes right away." So there's the secret to a good nights sleep...don't sleep with your eyes open.

Our life is crazy and we take each day as it comes. I wouldn't change it for the world.

And since I know you come for the pictures, here are a few random ones for your enjoyment.

Making the most of a rainy day...
High fives...
 Sleeping sweetness...
A rare time of quiet reading and coffee..
Not every little boy gets a stroll from Batman. 

Happy 3 weeks home little boy!