Monday, April 14, 2014


Last night we got to bust out Tavin from the orphanage and it was a beautiful thing!

His nannies were so sweet, tearing up as they said goodbye and telling us many things we couldn't understand. 

Getting him dressed in the clothes we brought for him:

Some of his little room mates saying goodbye...they are each so sweet. I pray a family finds them soon. 

Then after giving the nannies chocolate and flowers and the permission slip to take him out..

we said final goodbyes as they kissed his cheeks, and wished us well. Yes I did cry. One last pic in front of his orphanage....

and we walked out the gate for the last time, holding our son. I can't explain the emotions at that point! 

He was wide eyed for the ride to the hotel...

Isn't he so handsome??

Then we got to give his a bath and he loved it! Unfortunately the tub didn't want to hold water so it was a short one. He's gonna love splashing at home!

We had a little time to snuggle before going to the train station. Those little moments are the sweetest. 

He did great on the train and fell asleep after about at hour. (Our train left at 10:00pm). He slept through the night, despite the swaying, grinding and screeching of the wheels, and the fact that he and I shared opposite ends of a bench/bed. 

Today we had our first embassy appt and clinical, tomorrow we should be able to wrap them up and be ready to head home mid week!

It's just an amazing thing to look over and see him WITH us! We couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you!!


  1. I've loved each and every post and have been praying all along the way of this miraculous journey! What an awesome God we have to work out all these details for your precious family!!

    Rebecca Waldmann
    Chester, VT

  2. Doing a happy dance! Aw....such a sweet miracle and gift from God to you! Safe travels home! What a sweetheart and SO fortunate to be in your family. I bet your other boys can't wait to see all of you!

  3. Rejoicing for your family. He is truly a blessing and most beautiful!

  4. Crying tears of happiness with you Mama! Welcome to your family Tavin, they are ao lucky to love you!

  5. Your journey has been incredible! Enjoy your precious little boy!