Thursday, January 23, 2014

Smoked meat fundraiser THIS SATURDAY!

Only 2 more days till the big smoked meat fest of a fundraiser! For all you non-locals, I apologize for this post - it might feel a little mean to see what you will be missing. 

We have handed out 1200 flyers, been on the news, submitted the event to the local radio stations (hoping they will announce it, but I'm not sure). We have boiled 60 lbs of potatoes, 70 hard boiled eggs, shredded 15 lbs of cabbage for slaw, and ordered a couple hundred lbs of meat. The meat will hit the smoker late tomorrow evening, where it will soak in the deliciousness of hickory and oak, dry rub and lots of love. The pit master is none other my other half, Steve, and we can't wait to share the deliciousness!! 

Feel free to join our event page on facebook, and respond as "going".  We're taking a stab of a guess at the turnout, so we'd love to know if you are planning to come by!

The menu
If you hailed from Texas, brisket would be your meat of choice. Most smoke houses there don't offer pulled pork. But around here it's rather the opposite. Now believe you me, we will be serving up outstanding pulled pork! Steve's method delivers nothing but the best. But what is brisket, you ask? Well....for one thing, it's beef, not pork. For another thing, it's often severely mistreated in the south, and turned into pot roast. Oh the travesty!! We will not be serving pot roast on Saturday. How about a visual? Words fall short.
See that pink? That's called a smoke ring. Flavor, friends, is another word for it. A bite of good brisket is a little taste of heaven. Close your eyes and savor every morsel.

And we can't forget the baby back ribs! A perfect blend of sweet with a nice background of heat. Every bite will leave you wanting more!

Let's talk sauce. We love some good sauce here in VA! Now don't get me wrong I like some Sweet Baby Rays, but Steve has a sauce to rival any sauce you will taste. It's just downright deliciousness in a bottle. We brewed up a couple gallons because to run out would just be sad.

It's sweet, has a kick, and is perfect for anything. You might just want to grab a spoon and dig in. And for all you vinegar lovers we will offer a outstanding pig pickin' vinegar based sauce.

So for a refresher, here's the flyer:

It all kick's off at 11am and goes till we sell out or 3:00. Please share with your friends and we will see you there!


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