Friday, January 3, 2014

Home study complete!

I know it's old news if you follow Bring Tavin Home on facebook, but for the sake of documenting the highlights of our journey on our blog, we were SO excited to receive our completed home study in the mail yesterday! It was raining, but thankfully the package was dry in the mailbox. Phew!

 Next we will mail the home study to USCIS to join the application they already have, then wait for a appointment to get fingerprinted YET AGAIN because apparently a state police clearance and FBI clearance just aren't enough. THEN we will be issued a golden ticket of approval by USCIS and that's the LAST thing we need for our dossier. Guys, we are SO CLOSE to the end of the paper work! I realize that was a LOT of caps used, but seriously, I'll do it again...SO CLOSE!! We committed to Tavin on Oct 7, so we are almost 3 months in at this point, if you are interested in following the time line.

In other news, we are now at $8396 for funds raised! $10,500 will be 50% of our goal. Crazy that just 3 months ago we were hesitant to commit to Tavin because we couldn't imagine how we would ever raise the funds, and now we are close to being halfway there! THANK YOU! (ok I'm done with caps now :)


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