Sunday, October 27, 2013

Updated picture of Tavin!

Someone came across Tavin on an advocacy site (from another country) and was so kind to direct us to it Friday night! I cannot share it here, but there were several videos of him, something we certainly did not expect to come across! We almost didn't recognize him, he has really filled out, or maybe the picture on Reece's Rainbow is older? I'm not sure. We were able to get a pretty good look at his range of mobility, which was amazing as we had not expected to know anything more till we were in country. It was encouraging to see and I can't wait to help him get the treatments he needs to be able to walk. Mostly he just looked so quiet and sad. This little boy needs love, and interaction.

Here is a pic from the site. Is he crying or laughing? I think crying. But look at his little face.

I keep this up on my computer now...I watch the videos over and over. I see how kind the woman was who played with him for the video, how she gently stroked his head as she held him. And I know that for that one day, for a few minutes, my daily prayer was answered. My prayer that someone would take him out of the crib, hold him, speak kindly to him, and play with him till we can.

Every time I feel like I'm getting overwhelmed with the whole process, God sends some encouragement, whether its a kind word from a stranger who found our story somehow, encouragement from other moms of kids with AMC (arthrogryposis), or this amazing gift of seeing him in an video. God has been so kind, gentle and encouraging through our questioning, searching and praying this whole year. So very faithful.


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  1. I am so very happy that God has directed you to Tavin. I follow Aaron's mom's blog and came across his picture several weeks ago. He has been on my mind since then.
    Pease know I am playing for you!