Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Waiting Child

Before starting to research adoption agencies and countries, I was not aware of the waiting child. Perhaps you are not either. Would you like to see what a waiting child looks like?


Did you know there are thousands of children, released for adoption internationally, waiting in databases? They are waiting in countries like China, South Korea, Africa, Eastern Europe, Columbia, and the list goes on. Why are they waiting? Because they are classified as "special needs". You probably have a picture in your head of what a special needs child looks like...I know I did. I was wrong. Special needs can look like any child. Being a toddler can classify a child as "special needs" in some countries, as they are less likely to be adopted than a baby. A sibling group is considered special needs for the same reason, as is an older child who may have no medical needs at all.


Many of the children do have medical needs as well. Did you know that these medical needs could have already been addressed but yet they still wait as a "special needs" child? You heard me right. They may have already had their cleft lip repaired, already had a heart surgery, but yet they wait. Many have correctable medical needs, but are not able to receive the medical care they need in their country. The children with more severe medical needs desperately need a family to thrive. There are so many amazing blogs of families who have adopted children written off as hopeless, useless, and worthless, who are thriving in the love and care of a family. Often a childs developmental delays are due to the neglect they have experienced in an institutional setting. The more I learn about the emotional needs of a waiting child, the more I see medical needs as secondary to the emotional need to be loved and accepted. So much will follow when those needs are met first.

This is the first blog I read that opened my eyes to "the waiting child": Take a few minutes to read the stories of redemption of each of her adopted children. Forgotten, now found! What a beautiful thing to see!

So take a minute and SEE, really see these children. They are just several of hundreds listed on Reece's Rainbow. You can find hundreds of other children waiting on adoption agency websites as well. They need a family, their time is running out. Many will soon "age out" and be transferred to a mental institution for life. Could one of them be your child?





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