Thursday, February 13, 2014


Popping in on this snowy, icy day to tell you we are SUBMITTED!! 

I felt sure we would be submitted today, but by 2:30 was sure that, considering the time change there, it just was too late. When the notification popped up I just busted out crying (of course!)! 

Now the countdown the unknown travel date. Maybe that's a count-up? But we are likely no more than 8 weeks from travel, possibly less! And the call could come any day. I'm gonna be so jumpy any time my phone rings!!!!

Now the room arranging, sorting, cleaning, organizing will begin in earnest to become a family of 5!!

Please pray for quick travel dates...preferably with more than a few days notice. That would be nice for our sanity. But we will take what we get and I know it will be exactly what is supposed to happen. 

Now I'm off to make chocolate chip cookies, because they are ideal for a snow day AND for celebrating. As is a glass of wine. Maybe milk. That goes better with the cookies I suppose.



  1. What wonderful news! Still praying! :)

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    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers! Things continue to move forward and we praise The Lord that nothing had slowed down so far in that part of Eastern Europe. We look forward to traveling soon!