Wednesday, December 19, 2012

sweet moments

A few special pre-Christmas moments at our house:

A few days ago I commented to Tucker that Maddox doesn't know what Christmas is about since he was not even one last year. Tucker exclaimed "I will tell him about Christmas!" I was curious to hear his take on what it's really about, so from the other room I heard him explain it to Maddox. "Maddox, I'm gonna tell you what Christmas is really about! It's about Jesus birthday! It's not about whining and wanting to get more stuff." Oh it melted my heart. The last line was a direct quote from Veggie Tales movie called "The Toy that Saved Christmas" so hats off to the folks at Veggie Tales for helping instill those values.

Another moment was watching Tucker write  Maddox's name on tags for two little matchbox cars he bought Maddox with money out of his piggy bank.

And then last night, we heard Tucker tossing and turning for an hour after he went to bed. When I went in to check on him, and asked why he was not able to go to sleep, he said "I am just thinking about Christmas! And its so hard to sleep when I'm thinking about Christmas!" Oh I remember the sleepless nights leading up to Christmas when I was a little girl. 

So thankful for these sweet moments in the midst of the daily chaos!

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